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ROADMAP >       22 Q4 

Developer activity is approximated by tracking the code commits to associated repositories in the most popular online git hosts: github and gitlab. We want to faciliate that process by helping to fill gaps on the developer repo information and submit to the aggregators. Tracking activity is only possible if repos are read accessible to all (ie. public domain). We rely on dev teams telling us of their repos if they cannot be easily identified through raw searches or based on their Algorand Foundation Ecosystem listings.

23 Q1

We plan to capture download statistics for developer tools released by Algorand Inc and the Algorand Foundation (algosdk & algokit). Also, we will track the downloads for packages released by the Algorand project ecosystem and hope to highlight what they may offer to new projects just starting up.

23 Q2

Capture relevant keywords searches from Google and YouTube to assist in measuring trends. Also, may extend to twitter, discord and linkedin for developer specific topics. Some of this is being done by others in the community, but our focus would be on the algorand ecosystem project activity on socials.

Why open source


Modern computer systems built upon blockchain are commonly referred to as web3. Part of the justification and credibility of web3 systems is based upon them offering enhanced transparency and auditability and a greater level of decentralisation in their operation and control.  That is why blockchain technology is inherently linked with the open source software movement. At AlgoDevStats, we feel it is important that the wider community get to know what is happening on the Algorand blockchain, including the wider investor community. The more that developers are building and sharing on the algroand ecosystem, the better the development experience will be for everybody. Having provable metrics on this developer activity should bring more investment and benefits to the ecosystem as a whole, given the blockchain industry is so competitive.




We understand that not every project will feel able to commit all of its source code to a public repo. That is a decision for project leads to make for themselves ; to balance what they see as their competitor advantage versus the overall benefit of enhanced transparency. That balance can also change over time. But there is content we feel every project can make a footprint with, and commit to their public repo such as:

1. All project user training materials and documentation, including demos

2. Smart contracts ; depending on the nature of the project, this will be more relevant for defi applications. Much of the community confidence in a project will be gained through transparency and auditability of the smart contracts that underpin the service, both for users and investors.

3. Full history of third party audits can be published within a project's public repo making it easily accessible and part of the public record.

4. Lastly, helping the algorand ecosystem grow by open sourcing some of your best code libraries. This approach has been adopted by many established tech companies that choose to take a leadership role, and help define the standards that others will adopt and follow. Its also a great chance to promote your team's capabilities in the community and become part of the infrastructure that gets built on top of, potentially opening up new commercial opportunities for growth as a service layer to others.

We hope all projects building on Algorand will learn the benefits to sharing more of their activity through public repos as it provides the clearest signal of a healthy and vibrant project.




Please fill in your project repo and contact details:

Statement of intent:

The project repo information captured in this form will be submitted on your behalf to industry data aggregators and form part of the tracked Alogorand ecosystem of  developer activity (e.g. Artemis/Electric-capital/Messari, Santiment etc).


We have kept mandatory fields to the minimum (1. project name & 2. github org).

Any (optional) contact details entered will only be used by us to give occasional updates on or to check information submitted, and will not be given to third-party services.

How it works

About Us

This is a space to tell users about yourself and your business. Let them know who you are, what you do, and what this website is all about. Double click to start editing.



We are Algorand enthusiasts with a background in finance technology (tradfi). 

Our journey of discovery into the different blockchain platforms led eventually to Algorand with the strongest cryptography team in the industry led by Silvio Micali, Chris Peikert, Hugo Krawczyk, Tal Rabin, Shai Halevi, Shafi Goldwasser et al.


During our research we discovered  the industry representation of Algorand developer activity was almost non-existent, and much lower compared to other blockchains. It seemed to be a long way from the reality of what was really happening on the ground.

This is where AlgoDevStats comes in.

Over time we hope to offer more statistics on specific to the algorand ecosystem.


The plan is to keep it as simple as possible because AlgoDevStats is only a part time intiative.


We offer an easy way to register new developer repos that relate to the algorand blockchain (so this could include multi-chain projects potentially). It can be done through the online form, or via email or even twitter dm's.

The repo information will then be submitted to data aggregators like Artemis/Electric-Capital, Santiment, Mesarri in valid format so the developer activity is observable to a wider audience.

Why not leave it all to the Algorand Foundation?


In many ways having independent mechanisms that can be validated by the community is best where possible, especially where based largely on information already in the public domain. Also the Foundation has many other priorities to focus on to help support the growth of the Algorand ecosystem and the developer experience.

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